Features your team will love

Online, centralized Content Management
- Create, Edit and Manage content 24/7
- Schedule copy for both print and/or online
- Export copy to InDesign™ /Quark™

Company Manager
- Manage a comprehensive list of local companies
- Index enhanced listings/microsites

User Manager
- Find, edit, manage user/membership accounts
- Adjustable pay wall – content can be free or behind membership access wall, pay-per post

Digital Archive
- All copy available and fully indexed for search
- Manage access based on online membership or subscriptions

Subscription Manager
- Replace your legacy circulation system
- Integrates with your self-help online registration for subscription purchase/renewal

Integrated Classified System
- Allows customers to place classifi eds 24/7 – self help
- Flow copy to your InDesign™ or Quark™ templates

- Your readers can enjoy reading the news on their Blackberry, iPhone, or Android.

Links to your accounting system
- Integrates with your accounting system via file level import/export