Proven membership driven revenue streams

Our bizMember® program is designed to reach your current print advertisers as well new advertisers who may have never advertised with your publication before or perhaps stopped advertising due to budget constraints. With the addition of the bizMember program, you can now expand the base of potential clients to your existing customers while introducing a valuable means of content marketing to a whole new clientele.
bizMembers are given their very own searchable micro site, premium rotating ad banner, bizDirectory listing, RSS Feed to link to other social networks, counter reports, access to post unlimited offers and briefs as well as all iMember benefits.

Our orgMember® program offers the same benefits as our bizMember program but reaches non-profit groups at a discounted rate.

Our iMember® program is designed for your community members. They are given access to participate fully on your web site through non-commercial comments, forums, articles, blogs and photos for immediate publication as well as access to your archives. Members can be linked to your newspaper subscribers.

Revenue based on a weekly bizMember® rate of $24.95* per week
Number of bizMembers Revenue per Week/ Year
25 $623.75/$32,435
50 $1,247/$64,870
100 $2,495/$129,480
200 $4,990/$259,480
400** $9,980/$518,960
*$24.95 is an average bizMember rate. These rates are determined by you.
**Courier Publications maintain between 400-450 bizMembers annually, $24.95 is what they charge as a weekly bizMember rate.

Additional earning potential for your sales team

Advertisers are expanding their reach to include web based media as well as traditional print advertising to gain access to both groups of potential customers. There is a group in the middle who still turns the pages of your print product and goes online but the separation is becoming more distinct and advertisers need to reach them all. More eyeballs are online than on line at the newsstand, a reality we all have to find a way to live with, and capitalize on.
Selling the bizMember program enhances your sales team’s offerings, driving more value to advertisers. Now, not only can they offer print advertising but content marketing on the web as well, making your sales teams the experts. Think of it as an in-house ad agency!