After extensive research, the Cape Gazette decided in early 2011 to contract with Village Soup for use of its content management system for We had a well established website but wanted to develop greater interaction with our readers and improve our site’s revenue production. The VillageSoup content management system offered unique and proven solutions to both of our problems. After one introductory session with the Village Soup folks, we were convinced that we were looking at a great opportunity to expand the value and marketability of our locally generated content as well as bring many more businesses and non-profit organizations under the Cape Gazette umbrella.


Dennis Forney, Publisher, Cape Gazette

Before launching Village Soup we spent more time struggling with configuration issues than doing what we do best: loading news and selling ads. Not only did we greatly reduce our monthly web expense but revenues have grown beyond our projections in less than five months. The best thing of all is that the Village Soup support staff is always there to tweak what we need to keep our site unique and compatible with our business model.


Rich Piatt, General Manager Mountaineer Publishing Company, Waynesville, NC

In Wareham, the combination of VillageSoup and a 21st century community newspaper allowed our start-up operation to become the No. 1 local media outlet within months of our January 2010 launch!


Anne Eisenmenger, Publisher, Wareham Week, Sippican Week

The VillageSoup platform has provided us a unique way to draw in readers and advertisers and encourage them to become active participants in our social media community. Once they are engaged in the community through the iMember, bizMember or orgMember program they begin to take ownership and become some of our biggest cheerleaders, which in turn engages more users


Matt Bryant, Publisher Washington Evening Journal, Washington County Shoppers Guide and the Washington County Free Press.

The most noteworthy aspect of our entire conversion is that you are dealing with the innovators.... the owners, the ongoing support directly from day one. Things that need customizing- things that will and do need changing- get done in real-time.


Darwin K. Sherman, President Inland Media Company, Inc.

I’m most impressed with the part of the Village Soup system that our readers never see. The back end support for classified advertising, credit card payments, archives, news management and online subscriber maintenance is top drawer. It brought a small daily newspaper with minimal online capacity into the 21st century.


Jeff Wilson, Publisher of the Fairfield Daily Ledger and Town Crier.

Since adopting the Village Soup format on, we’ve experienced a substantial increase in revenue from our web operations and we’ve continually increased traffic each month since implementing the system. Within one year’s time, we had over 100 active BizMemberships on the site.

The Village Soup platform offers our clients a unique way to engage and interact with our readers. For an extremely reasonable cost, the client is offered a tremendous amount of exposure including the ability to post real time offers and briefs on the front page of the site, a banner ad and an enhanced directory listing which several of our clients use as their website. The connectivity available with the social networking sites through the RSS feeds is extremely useful for businesses looking to ramp up their marketing in the social networking arena.

All in all, Village Soup has allowed to step forward in a crowded online marketplace as a complete resource for our region. We look forward to continue building upon the immediate success we have accomplished with the help of the Village Soup team.


Chris Rausch, Cape Gazette

As an editor, writer and photographer, I have used the VillageSoup platform for years. It is my daily tool to keep the public informed, via our online or print products. As an editorial system, the platform empowers reporters to think like editors, to control the process of managing their own photos, upload content, create sidebars, add links, create headlines and refine their stories for the benefit of readers before that content is even reviewed by copy editors and posted for public consumption. This is key to establishing smooth, comprehensive teamwork among editorial staff.

This process extends to online, as well as creating dynamic print products. The platform enables a seamless transition of copy, images and graphics from uploading content to a finished print product ready for press. The ability to upload high resolution photos into stories for both online and print use is of tremendous value. Online readers see strong images and the system provides the newspaper production staff a way to find and prepare those high quality images for print. If needed or wanted, the system allows for online and print content to be separate or the same. One can edit a story for use online and change it for the paper, with those changes not affecting the online story.

The system is wonderfully set up to allow for seamless input of stories and headlines when developing the newspaper pages. The best part of the platform, aside from the built-in efficiencies, is the ability to creatively marry content and images in a multitude of ways, with photos, words, video and audio all providing a great experience for the reader. Overall, the platform is the perfect tool to manage a diverse, comprehensive online site, with a strong relationship between professional news gathering, business and community-generated content, along with the ability to easily use any of that available information for the print publications. Ultimately, the platform is a wonderful marriage of technology and design to help create the progressive world of online communication, while allowing one to maintain a strong link to the historic world of print.


Ken Waltz, Courier Gazette